What is GRE?

What Is GRE?

GRE stands for "Graduate Record Examinations", and it's one of the most common admissions requirement, used in many graduate schools in the USA & Canada.

What skills does the GRE test?

GRE tests 3 main skills:
1. Verbal Reasoning
2. Quantitative Reasoning
3. Analytical Writing

How much does the GRE cost?

The price of the GRE is USD205. The registration for the test is on the ETS website.

Where is the GRE accepted?

The GRE is accepted by thousands of graduate and business schools worldwide. For more info regarding a specific school, please check the specific school website

What's the average time for completing the GRE?

The GRE will last approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes

Can I repeat the GRE?

Once every 21 days you can repeat the computer based test, limited to five times per year.
The paper-based exam is offered three times per year.

How do I convert my GRE score to Gmat score?

For checking your Gre to Gmat conversion use our online free tool.